PSE Flex Plus Heat Pump Pilot Program

Home Comfort Alliance has partnered with Puget Sound Energy & Mitsubishi Electric to provide dramatic savings opportunities when you convert your existing home heating system from a natural gas or electric furnace to an energy-efficiency heat pump.
See details of the program below including participation requirements and eligibility.
Share your details in the form below or call the Pilot Program Hotline to schedule a free onsite consultation.
This is not a City of Bainbridge Island Program. The City of Bainbridge Island is not affiliated with Home Comfort Alliance or this offer.
Offers may be available for a limited time and subject to change without notice.

Flex Plus (Formerly Peak Energy)
Pilot Program:
Go All Electric & Switch to a Heat Pump!

What you get:
PSE customers with active natural gas and electric service, heating their homes with a gas furnace can receive $8,400 back when you switch to a qualifying heat pump system.

Receive up to:
$8,400 back from PSE
+ Up to $2,000 Federal Tax Credit
+ Up to $500 in Mitsubishi Factory Rebates
+ $1100 Home Comfort Alliance Partner Savings
= $12,000 Savings!

Qualifications & Requirements:

  • You must be a PSE electricity customer who lives in the city of Bainbridge Island.
  • Must convert your heating system to a qualifying Heat Pump.
  • Must sign up for Flex Plus program with approved programmable thermostat.
  • Customers with pre-existing heat pumps may not be eligible, see program specialist for all qualifications and requirements.

Heat pumps are a great option for homeowners looking to improve
year-round comfort:

  • Heat pumps are just as reliable as other heating systems and can use 2-3 times less energy.
  • Heat pumps also offer cooling, humidity reduction, and increased air circulation and filtration.
  • Depending on the model, you can control your heat pump with a remote, mobile app, or smart thermostat.

Why install a cold climate heat pump?

Cold climate heat pumps offer better performance and reliability at low temperatures, keeping you comfortable on the coldest days of winter. While standard heat pumps will switch to less efficient aux or backup heat usually around 35-40 degrees, a cold climate heat pump will be able run efficiently to sub-zero temperatures. Ask your program representative about qualifying models.

Why Consider a Heat Pump?

Energy Savings

Because it moves heat from one place to another rather than generating it, a heat pump uses less energy to warm your home than a conventional electric or gas system. In fact, many of them are efficient enough to earn the ENERGY STAR label. If you are replacing a central air conditioning system, heat pumps can work with the existing ducting in your home or are available as mini-split, or “ductless,” units, if your home does not have ductwork. Even if you aren’t replacing your existing heating system as you add air conditioning, a heat pump can provide cooling in the summer and more efficiently cover some of the heating load of your home. In the coldest days of winter, even a small system can offset the operating cost of your main heating system.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Accelerated deployment of heat pumps, in line with national climate targets, can reduce global CO2 emissions by half a gigatonne already by 2030. However, unintended leaks of F‐gas refrigerants – potent greenhouse gases – can decrease their positive climate impacts. With today’s refrigerants, heat pumps still reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 20% compared with a gas boiler, even when running on emissions‐intensive electricity. This reduction can be as large as 80% in countries with cleaner electricity. A new RMI analysis shows that in all 48 continental states, replacing a gas furnace with a heat pump could reduce climate pollution by up to 93 percent. Replacing fossil fuel-burning appliances with high-performing electric alternatives is crucial to meet our climate, health, and economic goals.

Enhanced Comfort

No homeowner wants to travel from room to room only to discover that one is warmer than the other. Luckily, one notable benefit of heat pumps is that they provide uniform heating and cooling. In contrast, traditional HVAC units sometimes generate uneven temperatures due to issues like incorrect sizing or a lack of maintenance. This issue can become a hassle over time, especially as the machinery grows older and less reliable.
Heat pumps create a more comfortable setting inside the house compared to traditional HVAC units. This system’s dual-purpose capabilities make it an efficient option for any time of the year. Whether you’re too hot or too cold, you can expect temperatures catered to your comfort at all times.
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