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The recent pandemic forced people to stay in their homes. That meant we were breathing in the air in our homes more than ever. Everyone wants the air in their homes to be as clean as possible, but it can be hard to make it happen due to some of the myths about indoor air quality floating around. Once you know the truth, you can make the correct decisions and get the best results. Here are some common indoor air quality myths:

1. Indoor Air Is Better than Outdoor Air

Many people think that indoor air is cleaner than outdoor air, especially in urban areas. Urban areas have a lot of pollution due to many factories and a high volume of cars on the freeways. People think homes are cleaner since we clean regularly and have filters in our HVAC systems. But the truth is that the air inside our homes is probably less clean than the air outside. Outdoor pollution has space to dissipate, while the pollution inside your home has nowhere to go.

2. Air Fresheners Are Good for Air Quality

Many people buy air fresheners in an effort to improve indoor air quality. The problem is air fresheners only help the area smell better, but they don’t make the air cleaner. In fact, they may contribute to poor air quality since many of them contain chemicals that can get into the air.

3. The Filter in HVAC Systems Works on Its Own

Every HVAC unit has a filter, which helps pick up dust and other contaminants in the air. Many people assume the filter is working properly on its own. What they don’t realize is they have to clean or change the filter for it to work at peak efficiency. When it’s time to change the filter, there’s usually an indicator light that will come on. Make sure to have fresh filters on hand. If your filter needs to be cleaned rather than changed, simply remove it, clean it, and put it back. If you don’t clean the filter, it can blow all that dirt back into your home, which will worsen the air quality.

4. It Is Expensive and Difficult To Improve Air Quality

Many people assume improving their home air quality involves a lot of headaches and spending a lot of money. But there are many quick and easy things people can do to improve air quality. Some things you can do today include:

  • Vacuum and dust regularly
  • Keep pets outside
  • Prohibit smoking inside
  • Buy an air purifier

These things will help improve your air quality without the need to spend a lot of money or time.

5. Indoor Air Quality Doesn’t Affect Your Health

Some people think air quality isn’t that serious, but that’s not true. Poor air quality can take a big toll on your health. The biggest concern is respiratory health. When you breathe poor air into your lungs, it can damage your lungs or throat and could even lead to cancer. Don’t make the mistake of thinking poor air quality can’t affect the health of you or your family. This is a great reason to work on improving the situation. The longer you breathe in polluted air, the more likely you are to deal with negative side effects.

6. New Homes Have Good Air Quality

Some people assume that new homes have great air quality since people haven’t been living in them and causing pollution. Unfortunately, the construction process involves contaminants. Building a house creates dust while painting puts chemicals into the air. Don’t make the mistake of moving into a new house and assuming the air will be clean. Take action right away.

7. HVAC Systems Alone Can Manage Air Quality

Many people think the HVAC filter alone is enough to maintain clean air in their homes. But the filter can only do so much on its own. It does pick up pollution near it, but it can’t reach the whole house. And it can only handle so much pollution at once. Consider additional methods if you really want clean air in your whole home.

8. Household Plants Improve Air Quality

Plants produce clean oxygen, so many people put plants in their homes thinking it will help improve air quality. However, you would basically need a greenhouse in your home for the plants to have a measurable impact on your air quality. Plants are great for livening up your décor, but don’t think they’ll help you get cleaner air. There are much better ways to accomplish your goal. And keep in mind that all types of plants will produce the same results.

9. Air Ducts Work Without Service

Air ducts carry air throughout your home. Most people neglect having their ducts serviced with the assumption the ducts can’t get dirty since only air travels through them. Not only may the air traveling through the ducts be contaminated, but also dust and other particles can build up inside. To ensure the ducts stay clean, you need regular maintenance. Call your local HVAC professionals at Home Comfort Alliance to clean your air ducts at least once a year.  With clean ducts, the air won’t pick up any additional contaminants as it travels through your home.

10. Ozone Gas Can Help Remove Contaminants

People purchase ozone gas generators with the intention of cleaning air inside their homes. Ozone is composed of three oxygen atoms. Two atoms are stable, but the third can attach to other things around it and alter their chemical compositions. Unfortunately, ozone generators are not very effective in the home. In fact, it can take years to see results. Additionally, these generators simply alter particles in the air rather than remove them. In other words, they don’t get rid of pollutants. 

Thankfully, you don’t have to stress about air quality myths because Home Comfort Alliance can help you improve the air quality of your home immediately! We offer new construction, installation, service, and repair for your furnace. We provide the same services for ACs and heat pumps. If you’re in the Seattle, Redmond, or Tacoma areas, let us help you make sure that your indoor air is safe and healthy for you and your family. Call us today!


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