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Are you experiencing uneven temperature in your house or office in the greater Seattle area? Are you wondering why some rooms are colder than others? Do you feel cool downstairs while your second floor feels like a tropical beach? If so, you may have uneven cooling from your A/C system.

Are parts of your home cooler than the rest?

There’s nothing worse than having parts of your home that are cooler than the rest! Many homes in Western Washington are designed with only heating in mind. The summer months are given no thought and the need for air conditioning is neglected. With the focus on heating, the upper floor gets about half the airflow that the main floor does. But since heat rises, this difference in airflow still results in even heating for both floors during the winter.

Usually when uneven cooling or heating occur, it could be due to various small issues that can usually be easily fixed.

Top 5 tips for solving uneven temperature in house:


#1 – Switch the fan from “Auto” to “On”

Switch the fan on your thermostat to “on” instead of auto or circulate. The system will constantly circulate the air, filtering and redistributing it throughout your home. This will help to cool some of the hot areas.

  • When in the “on” position, your system’s fan stays on and will circulate air even after the system cooling cycle stops. This will keep the air in your home constantly circulating and will help even out temperatures between both floors.
  • When in “auto” position, the fan runs only when the outdoor unit is on and actively cooling the home.
#2 – Utilize your blinds

Closer all blinds on your top floor. Consider using insulated or light-blocking drapes. This will decrease heat gain, which will aid in keeping the temperature down. On the other hand, keep all blinds on your main floor open. This will increase heat again, which will cause your air conditioner to have a longer run cycle. The longer it runs, the more cool air to travel upstairs.

#3 – Use your air vents to control and redirect air

Blocked vents are one of the main culprits of uneven cooling in homes. Check for any debris, dust buildup, or furniture blocking these openings. If the vents are clean and unblocked, you can solve uneven cooling by partially closing some vents on the first floor to redirect air to the other areas of your home. Do not try fully closing the vents. This can cause a pressure buildup that could break your unit.

#4 – Control areas in your home with a zoning system

A zoning system can help you directly control a room’s temperature, thus fixing any uneven cooling. This is better than trying to control the temperature for the entire house with a single thermostat. Home Comfort Alliance can configure the zoning system in your home based on cooling time, layout and home size.

#5 – Schedule seasonal maintenance – be proactive!

Your HVAC system needs to be inspected by a professional at least twice a year to ensure it maintains peak performance. That way, any small problems are caught promptly and can be fixed before they turn into large, expensive problems. For example, a small leak in your ducts can be spotted before it gets bigger and causes uneven cooling in your home. At Home Comfort Alliance, we recommend scheduling maintenance appointments for your A/C system in the spring and the fall. That way, your system will be in peak condition to keep your home comfortable year round! Don’t let an uneven temperature in your house interrupt your comfort.

If you’re having trouble with uneven temperature in house or uneven cooling and need a little help from the professionals, click here to contact us or call (425) 645-0404 to speak with one of our HVAC representatives right away! We’re the heating & air conditioning experts for Seattle, Bellevue, Everett, and the greater Puget Sound area! #InstallitRight  #FixItFast


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