Heating & Cooling Systems

Determining the best type of system for your home depends on geographical location, the size and physical characteristics of your home, and the way the system will be used.

HVAC System Types

Split Systems

A split system is the most common type of heating and cooling. The furnace, which is indoors, is used as the heat source, while the air conditioning unit is outdoors and functions to cool the home. This type of system consistently and reliably heats and cools your entire home, as well as maintains indoor air quality through the use of filters inside the furnace.
hybrid system
hybrid system

Hybrid Systems

A hybrid system consisting of a heat pump provides both heating and cooling but with greater efficiency. This system is normally paired with a gas furnace or an electric air handler. A Heat Pump works just like an air conditioner to cool your home, which is by moving heat from inside the home to outdoors. A heat pump, however, has a reversing valve that allows it to absorb heat energy from outside air (yes, even in cold temperatures) and sends it indoors, thus supporting the heating effort for the home as well. When the weather is extra cold, the gas furnace becomes the primary heat source to ensure maximum comfort is maintained. It’s a solution that saves both energy and fuel.

Ductless Systems

Ductless systems enable you to heat and/or cool your home without invasive ductwork. They also operate quietly, have a compact design, and require minimal installation. Both Heat Pump and A/C solutions are flexible, whether you’re looking to maintain comfort in one room or multiple rooms.
Are you suffering from a hot or cold spot in your home?
Are you renovating your home?
Do you want air conditioning but can’t add duct work?
Ductless systems deliver cooling and/or heating to specific, targeted areas within the home. The installation is less invasive and can even be less expensive since these systems don’t require ductwork to distribute air. Ductless systems have an outdoor unit connected through a small hole to a compact wall-mounted unit indoors. Each indoor unit is designed to provide warm or cool air solely for the room in which it is installed. The indoor unit can be installed on a wall, in the ceiling, or on the floor. Ductless systems can be used for only one or two rooms, but they can also be expanded to make up to 8 separate climate zones in your home.
residential heating and cooling
residential heating and cooling
Air Conditioning
These flexible systems deliver targeted comfort in the indoor areas they’re placed. They also act as a zoning system by offering individual temperature control over each separate room. For example, if you want a cooler home office but a warmer bedroom, you can install a ductless unit in each room. This allows you to set different temperatures in each area depending on your comfort needs. A wireless remote makes this even easier. Not only are these units generally very energy efficient, but they also give you a much more refined level of control than you would have with a traditional duct-based system.

Heating and cooling systems come in Single-Stage, Two-Stage, and Multi-Stage options representing the levels at which they operate.

A Single stage unit means its operating speed is either on or off.
A Two-stage unit means it operates on either high or low. The low setting is adequate to meet most household comfort demands about 80% of the time, providing even temperatures. On hotter days, it can leverage the high level of operation to maintain comfort levels. Two stage systems are typically quieter and more efficient than a single stage unit.
A Multi-stage unit has a range of operation and therefore the most precise temperature control and best comfort. These variable speed units are the quietest and offer the most energy savings.

With an HVAC system, one size does not fit all. It is important to consider:

Cooling & Heating Capacity
Energy Efficiency
Air Quality
Humidity Regulation
Installation Requirements Unique to Your Home

Your Comfort Consultant will explain what these terms mean and help you identify which equipment will best suit your needs.

Air Conditioning Installation

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Responsive tech who also performed his estimate after asking good questions in a timely manner. I already have my quote after only two days !
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Chris was very through in doing our yearly maintenance on our air conditioning. After Chris completed testing our inline pressure, cooling capabilities, and furnace fan he explained the results of his testing and how they relate to factory recommendations. He was very professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him and Home Comfort Alliance
Thank you, Anton for setting things right with our air conditioner and helping us understand the system. He did a terrific and very fast job.
Ian was professional,polite and very thorough.
Mannie went above and beyond!
Zach just performed the annual checkup on our heat pump and furnaces. He was on-time, efficient, thorough, and informative, all the traits that we have seen for 22 years with MM Comfort/Home Comfort, from installations, maintenance, and repair of the aforementioned systems to their plumbing work. I always recommend them.
Josh, as usual, was prompt, friendly and professional!
Tor from Home Comfort Alliance was excellent in providing routine maintenance to our whole home generator. It was his 2nd visit to our home in each of the past 2 years service visits so remembered where it was. He's a genuinely pleasant guy to chat with as well. He was on-premise for a little over an hour for the work and explained what he found and service preformed in detail.
Allen is professional, knowledgeable and took his time in great detail on what is going on with my AC.
Dylan was excellent and serviced a Reznor, a heatpump and gas furnace combo, and a tankless hot water heater. He was very through, and gave me details along the way and answered all my questions. He didn't try to push extra services or repairs. He found a serious issue with our gas furnace and left me with options for how to move forward on it, and his email to follow up with any more questions I have. Very professional, and a pleasure to talk with.
Fabulous AC maintenance service from Allen Walker, Home Comfort Alliance. Very friendly, informative, and professional.
Great job by the crew.
The fact that it was done in a day is amazing work! Both fellas came up to explain everything and how it works in details. Very professional! Home Comfort did my cousins home in Des Moines and now my parents! Great pricing and service! Definitely worth recommendations!
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